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2012-04-01 00:17:45 by Mordoz

Ok here's how it is. The voting system on comments is fundamentally flawed.
I made a real review that conformed to the rules yet my review was deleted. Was it becasue of too many people hitting "abuse" and staff having to shuffle through thousands of these things and just mass-dump them into delete status? Or what?

Well Tell me what you think, be honest, I can take it. Just not bent over, you pervs. At least buy me dinner.

I quote from copy/paste:

" This message is to inform you that the following review, which you left for Manimal on 3/20/12 at 9:44:40 PM, has been deleted:

Score: 1 / 10
Review: Well here's my review:

The plane sounds seemed a tad off.

Complete nonsensical storyline.

No character development. So there is no way we care about any of them. If his daughter was less derpy looking and more innocent looking and if the guy was leering at her, slobbering, then maybe yes, the defenseless girl would make us care. As it is, it just looks like a badly animated looney toons moment.

I give this half a star for effort.

On the positive side, Kelsey Grammer is awesome :)

Please read the review guidelines to ensure that you're following the rules and to prevent any further action being taken against other reviews you make."

Oh fine. I checked out the review guidelines. Nowhere did I see any violation in my review. Do you see any?

From the review guidelines:

"Stay on the topic of the submission and do not make personal remarks or insults towards the author. This is a big offense. Telling artists "You suck!", "You should go kill yourself!", "You're gay!" etc., will get you banned and you may lose your account. Without our contributors Newgrounds wouldn't be what it is, so we take seriously any insults directed at them by reviewers. "

+ ok I think I did good with this one. No violation, I stayed on topic and didn't address the author.

"Do not post TONS and TONS of crappy reviews just to get high in the rankings. If we catch someone doing this we will delete all their reviews - wouldn't that be a pain in the ass? Take your time and write a sincere review for every movie you wish to critique. Make sure your review is relative to the submission. Reviews that are found to offer no benefit to the author may be deleted."

+ No problem there. I rarely post any reviews.

" Do not use the review space for the purpose of promoting things. Stick to reviewing the movies - we don't want to hear about how great your website is. Also, posting links to websites that reward you for sending hits is prohibited; we will delete your account for the first offense with no warning. Posting unrelated links is also prohibited and will result in a ban."

+ Again, no issue here. I never did nor ever intend to do such things.

"Do not flood the review space. Examples would be long strings of characters or words with no breaks or repeating words or phrases over and over. Do not submit images made from text and characters, as this will also get you banned."

+ El Nope-o! I wrote legibly and was clear in what I had to say.

" Do not use reviews to express your feelings that the entry should be BLAMMED. If you post "BLAM this" or something similar you will be banned. Use the review option to tell the author how they can improve their work."

+ I expressed that the flash should be improved and listed the flaws as I saw them. Nothing on wanting it blammed.

" Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other people's reviews."

+ No problem there. I addressed the flash only.

" If you believe an entry is stolen, do not comment about it in your review. If you are wrong, you may convince other users that the entry is stolen and you may cause a legitimate entry to receive an unfairly low score. Use the whistle option, if available, to flag the entry as stolen when you believe that is the case. If there is no whistle option available (the entry is no longer under judgment) contact Wade with as many details as you can about the stolen submission and where you think it was stolen from."

+ Obviously I never had a beef with that.

and finally,
"If you think a submission doesn't belong on the front page of the site or shouldn't be featured in special sections of the site, keep it to yourself. The submissions on the front page and in special sections of the site are put there by our staff, not by the author. Keep your focus on how the person who submitted might improve their work. "

+ Nope, I saw that it fit fine in the section it is in.

So where exactly does my review fit in as a violation of the Review Guidelines. Plus there is no recourse to contest a deleted review. To me this allows abuse to happen. Abuse of the system. For example, if say a few people HATED a guy on here and wanted him gone. Say these people recruit their friends to help them get thier review deleted by spamming the abuse button. So its many peoples button mashing vs your review getting deleted. Thats it, no chance. Well not a huge problem, right? Wrong! Take it a step further. Say these misfits decide to target said guy EVERY TIME or nearly so on most of his reviews. Whats to stop them from completely getting him banned merely on the fact that his reviews get mostly deleted? The rule is right here at the top of the Review Guidelines:

"All users are given the privilege to write constructive reviews for submissions. However we do have guidelines that must be followed. If you violate any of our guidelines your account may be temporarily or permanently banned from reviewing and the offending review(s) removed. Multiple offenses may result in all of your reviews being removed, or your account being terminated. Creating multiple accounts to evade bans and commit multiple offenses may result in your ISP or the authorities being contacted."

This is why I care. I dont want random immature idiots in control of my account like that. My only other option is to NEVER write a review. THAT is my only recourse.

So in all, even when I do my best to abide by the rules, I'm still fucked.

Your thoughts?

(I delete idiotic comments btw, THAT I can have a right to. Only sincere replies with real thought behind them are welcome.)


Happy Fuckin' Birthday to me.

2012-03-05 04:26:27 by Mordoz

The 23rd of this month is my birthday. Big whoop. This was exciting when I was a teen. But no more.
At some point we all dont care about our own birthdays and scramble to remember others birthdays instead.

Why is this? I have no fucking clue, but I can say that I care more about getting a better job, making ends meet and preventing my overall insanity with distractions so the demon doesn't escape again. (don't ask)

You what I want for my birthday? Nothing. Not just any nothing. I want an absence of bills, traffic tickets, drunk women, loud obnoxious neighbors and stink-free dogs. Now THAT would be an awesome birthday present!

I sound old now...

Happy Fuckin' Birthday to me.

The gun is good! Go forth and kill!

2011-08-25 04:56:46 by Mordoz

If you don't get what my new header image means, check out this gem:

Zardoz! Made in the year I was born!:
What was:

What could still be:
Zardoz: The Animated Series

The gun is good! Go forth and kill!

Being a FAN is a mental sickness

2011-01-27 04:37:29 by Mordoz

Fan in the context of the current internet verbiage is the short form of Fanatic. Yes. Think about that for a minute. A fanatic. Consider that TERRORISTS are fanatics. As well as anyone who is religiously inclined to control others.

Definition of a fanatic:
fa·nat·i·cism (f-nt-szm)
Excessive, irrational zeal.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


fanaticism [f%u0259%u02C8næt%u026A%u02CCs%u026Az%
wildly excessive or irrational devotion, dedication, or enthusiasm

Source: Collins English Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


and finally:

: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion <they're fanatic about politics>
- fanatic noun
- fa·nat·i·cal·ly \f%u0259-%u02C8na-ti-k(%u0259-)l%u0113 \ adverb
- fa·nat·i·cal·ness \-k%u0259l-n%u0259s\ noun

Examples of FANATIC

1. <because of her fanatical views, her friends know better than to discuss religion with her>


So there you see. This is why I will never become a "fan" of anything. It is based entirely off emotions and irrational thought. A mental problem I wont ever wish to have. Murderers, rapists, racists, bigots..etc those types of people are"fans" or anti-"fans" Fanatical and mindless, only filled with hate and violence, filled with irrational thoughts which provide fuel of later insane real world actions.

I will become a MEMBER of a group who enjoys something mutually, but I wont label myself a fan. Trying it turn the word into something positive doesn't change the true "fans" lol. It only forces the medical/mental field to adopt a new label for the true crazies that fans are.

Thank you, those who have read this. All rational and sentient comments are welcome.

All the rest is troll fodder.


[EDIT] Further definitions and some nice quotes here

What I am:

2010-11-02 10:47:16 by Mordoz

A Realist.

What I am not.

2010-11-02 10:30:50 by Mordoz

I am not:

God fearing
Doubting Thomas
Blind Believer
Too Generous
Easily Understood
A Furry
Gay (Happy)
Gay (Homosexual)

All we know is a lie.

2010-11-02 10:10:32 by Mordoz

All we perceive is a lie, an illusion of the realities around us. Few of us truly begin to see the smallest speck of reality. And when we do, even fewer come out of it sane.

These are the realities I have come to understand to be true. I didn't wish it, I didn't figure it out. The information came to ME. I had no choice. If I did, I may have chosen not to know. Ignorance is a very bad thing, but so is knowing that you live in a cage that is slowly killing you and you are the cause of it.

Reality 1: There is no life after death. Once our bodies expire that's all. No consciousness, no afterlife. I really hate that one most. Nobody wants to face their own mortality, but this. Just too much. But it cannot be denied.

Reality 2: There is no magic, gods, fairies, demons, mystical anything. All that is in our heads. If one is capable of realistic logic, along with learning from nature, (the best indicator of reality) then you will notice that much of what is considered mystical only comes from one source. Humans. Animals react to things we don't see, true...but we misread animals all the time. In old times, and in many cases these days. We leap into illogical conclusions to explain things. Animals only read and sense what is real. Not imagined.Energy, vibration, sounds, touch. Those they react to. If any so called mystical thing happens, it is naturally explainable. Not mystical . Out senses cant figure it out so our brains fill in the lack of info...our imaginations are our ally as well as our enemy. We create demons out of natural events. We imagine gods linked to naturally occurring events. Our own stupidity and ignorance results in such fantasy.

Ok done for now. I may revise this as I learn to understand what I am trying to explain about more. Updates. That is life.No updates. That is death.

Can't bring me down

2010-11-02 09:58:50 by Mordoz

I make things. THINGS. Not people. Not feelings. Not mathmatical concepts.

Stuff. I suppose they can be called art, but it is more than that to me. It is the concepts and people and feelings. Not mine, but others.

Trapped, entombed, lured, tricked and kidnapped. Bound and slowly tortured into other forms. Forms no longer resembling the original. Isn't this how matter works? Nothing can be destroyed completely, only broken down and rearranged, atom by atom.

So life is a process of birth, growth, death and decay. All the while in that process , torture.
Both bad and good.

Those are my thoughts. For now.

Hello world!

2009-12-12 07:57:47 by Mordoz

My personal world is filled with stark realities more bizarre and terrifying than any fantasy.

At least in fantasy, you are allowed to leave.